Emotions Flip Book

Emotions flip book

Are you teaching your students basic emotions?

A delight for your students, this back-to-school emotions flip book resource contains activities to ease them into the new school year. Ask your students how they are feeling after the school summer break.

A helpful resource for ESL/EFL teachers.

Emotions flip book templates


  1. Emotions flip book
  2. Emotions word search
  3. Emotions board game
  4. Emotions How are you today?
  5. Mini flashcards
  6. Emotions flip globe
  7. Answer key

Emotions included in the flip book are:

  1. Happy
  2. Sad
  3. Angry
  4. Surprised
  5. Silly

I have included a blank page if your students wish to include other emotions.

Emotions flip book
Emotions flip book

Instructions on how to make the flip book are included.

Emotions board game
Emotions flashcards and worksheet

The emotions board game and Emotions How Are You today? worksheets are my free updated bonus resources.

Emotions flip book

A cute emotions mini flip book is also included.

Click HERE to download this resource.

Have fun! 😊

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