Counting 1-10 Robot Craft

1-10 counting robot craft

Counting robot craft

Counting 1-10 robot craft

Make counting from 1-10 fun! This is usually one of the first things that I teach my young ESL/EFL learners.

I use a variety of methods which can include building blocks, large printed out numbers laid on the floor or songs. This Super Simple video is one of my favourites.

To add more fun to my lessons I have created this super cute counting 1-10 robot craft.

Counting 1-10 robot craft

This craft includes three different number wheels for you to choose from.

Counting 1-10 robot craft template

I have also included a blank robot template and a robot parts page for those who which to make a robot without the counting wheel.

Counting 1-10 robot craft
Counting 1-10 robot craft

Click here for this COUNTING 1-10 ROBOT CRAFT

Have fun! šŸ¤–

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