Valentines Craft – Keys to My Heart


The keys to my heart…

How fun is this delightful Keys to My Heart Valentines craft with All About Me keys. Whether you teach in a school or homeschool your kids, this is an ideal craft for Valentines Day. It’s also a great way to get to know all about your kids.


Print out the templates and get your kids/students to colour them in. Use a gold coloured pencil for the keys and write on top with a fine black felt tip pen.


Cut out and punch a hole at the top of the heart template and keys and secure them together using a split pin.

Your kids/students can use as many keys as they like.

N.B. Included are both the British and American spellings.

The All About Me keys included are

My name is

I am______ years old

My favourite colour/s

My favourite food/s

My favourite animal/s

My favourite film/s

My favourite subject/s

My favourite sport/s

My favourite book/s

My name is

I am______ years old

My favorite color/s

My favorite food/s

My favorite animal/s

My favorite movie/s

My favorite subject/s

My favorite sport/s

My favorite book/s

Click HERE for this craft

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