Corners, Angles and Shapes


CORNERS and angles make shapes.



A circle is a round in shape.

There are no corners in the circle.

There are no sides in the circle.



There are 4 corners in the square.

There are 4 sides in the square.

All corners are the same.

All sides are the same.



There are 4 corners in the rectangle.

There are 4 sides in the rectangle.

Two sides are short.

Two sides are long.



There are 3 corners in the triangle.

There are 3 sides in the triangle.

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Teaching shapes

If you are teaching ESL to kids, the above geometric explanations may just be too hard a concept for them.

Luckily, an easier way to teach shapes is by using the classical flashcard method.

Another way that I like to teach shapes, is by using playdough and shape cutters.

The tactile aspect of this is loved by kids.

The above photos are actually of biscuits cutters that I found at the 99cent store and are ideal for this activity.

If you haven’t got any play dough or shape cutters to hand, don’t worry, you can download my  FREE shape tracing worksheets. Click the link below.


Shape tracing

What you can teach with this exercise

Sentence Structure

  • “What shape is it?”
  • “Trace the shapes”
  • “How many shapes are there?”
  • “roll out the playdough”
  • “Use the cutter”


  • Playdough
  • Cutter
  • Circle
  • Diamond
  • Heart
  • Square
  • Rectangle
  • Star

Fine motor skills

  • Rolling out the playdough
  • Holding the shape cutters
  • tracing the shapes

Have fun!

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